Jungle Gym slides, sensopathic trays and hockey rebound boxes are just some of the items that we manufacture for recreational purposes.  The high quality of our products ensures that recreation items are both highly durable and safe to use.

Small Slide Custom       Medium Slide Custom  Large Slide Custom Large Slide
Small Slide
2.7m long x 250mm wide
Mounts at 1.4-1.5m High
Medium Slide
2.9m long x 350mm wide
Mounts at 1.4-1.5m High
Large Slide
4.1m long x 420mm wide
Mounts at 1.8m High  

Sensopathic Tray Custom       Hockey Rebound Box Custom
Sensopathic Tray
1050mm x 750mm x 150mm
 Hockey Rebound Box