Paddle Boats

We have a large range of recreational paddle boats which are ideally suited for the use on dams and lagoons.

Shongweni 2-man Indian Canoe 3.6m long x 0.8m wide

Senqu 3-man
5.1m long x 0.8m wide

Dabchick Fishing Dinghy 2.4m long x 1.15m wide (Transom 1m)

Forelle & Stable Mable
Forelle (LHS) - 2.5m long x 1.3m wide (25kg)
Stable Mable (RHS) – 2.6m long x 1.3m wide x 350mm deep (30kg)

Capri Kiddies Canoe

Nipper Kiddies Paddleski
Aquabrat Fishing Boat
3.2m long x 1.25m wide